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Image of Honeywell 20” Post Filter (50000293-004)


(2-pack) Factory Original Honeywell replacement postfilters for Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner. 20" x 25".
This Pack Contains Two 20" x 12.5" Filters to Fit One 20" x 25" Air Cleaner.
OEM replacement for Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner.
•New postfilters have been proven to add 8-10% more efficiency at the smallest micron channel (0.3-1 microns), while keeping added pressure drop at a minimum.
•Antimicrobial coating protects against bacteria and fungal growth on the postfilters.
•Electrostatic charge helps attracts airborne particles like a magnet.
•Note:The electrostatic charge will break up if washed.
•Postfilters will elevate the performance of your air cleaner's efficiency in capturing bacteria, smoke, particles, mold spores, and other fungi.
•Replacement filters for F300 and F50F Electronic Air Cleaners only - will not Fit F50E models!
•Honeywell recommends that postfilters be replaced approximately every six (6) months.

Buy the convenience package and ship for the same price as one!